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Whipped…Abandoned in freezing weather… Locked in a room without fresh air or sunshine… Chains wrapped around growing necks

The News

The News – I know all of you have certainly heard about the different tiger happenings this past couple of weeks.

Roy Horn on Seigfred & Roy; the tiger and alligator found in a Harlem apartment; the employee of Keeper of the Wild attacked by one of their tigers.

I originally thought that maybe these events would “smarten up” those people who want to own a lion or tiger.

Wrong!! I have been swamped with emails asking me to sell a tiger, give a tiger away or “I want to start a tiger sanctuary.”

I don’t believe any human being can truly read the mind of any wild animal any more than they can match their strength.

Cedarhill would not have to exist today if people hadn’t thought they could do both.

Cedarhill is a “true sanctuary,” as we do not go in with the big cats for any reason.

Each lion, tiger, cougar and bobcat has a lockup area where it goes to eat.

While they are eating…all drinking waters and tiger pools are cleaned and filled with fresh water and all waste is removed.

We do everything we can possible do to protect the safety of our staff and the animals entrusted in our care.

When I started building enclosures in 1987, I modeled them after other sanctuaries and zoos.

With the comfort and safety of each animal in mind, I built the best enclosures we could afford.

And by all means, these hatibats are still castles compared to the horrendous housing conditions…chains, basements and concrete boxes these cats have previously known.

My vision for the sanctuary, however, changed in 1995 when we were able to build three large habitats for a group of lions and tigers.

Watching these cats experience for the first time in their lives, a space truly big enough to run and romp, well,,,,it was breathtaking. It put tears in my eyes and a steely determination in my heart.

Seven years have passed since that day, but not a minute goes by that I don’t eat, sleep and drink the vision of building a better sanctuary for these animals – – and for those yet to come.

At the same time, this is a dream grounded in reality.

In order to rebuild, the sanctuary needs contributions exceeding its annual operating costs.

At an annual budget exceeding $300,000, that is no small feat for a relatively unknown sanctuary in rural Mississippi.

Yet, for a sanctuary that has literally survived 100mph winds and the equivalent of an economic tornado…nothing is impossible!

We have cleared the land, drawn the plans and must now raise the funds necessary to build twenty-one new habitats.

Their wooden houses will be replaced with storm housing wedged into the hillside. Each big cat will have a 1/2 to 1 acre habitat where it can live a safe, exciting and comfortable life.

How can you help?

  1. When you donate, specify that you want your donation to go toward building the new habitats.
  2. Tell other animal lovers that you know and ask them to visit our website at: www.cedrhill.org and donate.
  3. Give me any ideas that will help us raise the funds.

We can make a difference with your help!

Your support has enabled us to protect the lives of over 200 animals and I thank God daily for your prayers, your donations and the many wonderful letters that so many of you write to me.

For the animals,

Bernard Rodriguez

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