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Whipped…Abandoned in freezing weather… Locked in a room without fresh air or sunshine… Chains wrapped around growing necks

Monk – Male Siberian Tiger 1987- 2008

Monk – Male Siberian Tiger 1987- 2008 – Born June 15, 1987 in Florida. He was sold at an exotic auction in Florida at two weeks old.

Monk suffered a shoulder injury inflicted by his owner and to this day cannot bear any weight on his right leg – he weighs 700 lbs.

He had been de-clawed on all four paws to make him safer to handle. Monk went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 30, 2008.

Monk was born in captivity in June 1987 and sold at an exotic animal auction when he was 6 weeks old to a man in Starkville, MS.

Mandy was born in captivity in June 1990 in Louisiana,and was passed around between owners until she ended up with the same man who owned Monk.

The man decided to breed Monk and Mandy, although Mandy was only 18 months old.

The resulting cub was Rachel, and she was taken from her mother at 2 days old to be hand-reared.

Shortly thereafter, the man decided that he could no longer care for Monk and Mandy and contacted Cedarhill Sanctuary.

We agreed to take them on the provision that we take Rachel too.

The man did not want to give up Rachel, but relented after we refused to take Monk and Mandy without her.

The three Bengal/Siberian mixed tigers arrived at Cedarhill in June 1992, with a host of medical issues.

Monk had obtained a shoulder injury at some point which made it impossible to bear any weight on his right leg.

The effects of the injury were compounded by the fact that he had been kept on cement, and also developed arthritis.

Mandy had growth-development problems that were caused when she was bred at such a young age, as the calcium that should have been used for her own personal growth was shared with her unborn cub.

She developed brittle-bone disease and osteoarthritis. These problems caused a calcium-deficiency in Rachel.

Through the use of vitamins and medical care, all three tigers are now doing well, although Monk still battles with movement.

For this reason, we have built a special enclosure for Monk and Mandy that is largely flat, to make it as easyas possible for both tigers to get around.

We have placed their daughter Rachel with Kimba, and they have become great friends.

Bernard Rodriguez

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