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Whipped…Abandoned in freezing weather… Locked in a room without fresh air or sunshine… Chains wrapped around growing necks

Here are the stories of each dog Cedarhill has rescued.

Here are the stories of each dog Cedarhill has rescued.

Abbey – 7 years old

Rescued from a neighbor that could no longer care for her.

Angel -Female

She was found in a dumpster and taken to the Amory Veterinarian Clinic.  She was such a nice dog the vet did not want to euthanize her, so Cedarhill was called.  Kay agreed to take her in and give her a permanent home here at Cedarhill.

Bonnie – 1995 – Present

She was found at the Aberdeen marina.  She was only about 6 weeks old and very malnourished.  Someone had poured battery acid on her back which penetrated through several layers of skin.  When she first arrived at cedarhill she was placed in with a coyote named Clyde, hence her name Bonnie.  As time passed Clyde began acting more like a dog and Bonnie began acting like a coyote.  So Bonnie was moved in with other dogs, which turned into to nothing but lots of fights.  Today Bonnie lives in the backyard with two cats, a squirrel, and 3 birds.

Curly – Male Lab/Chow mix – 2001

He was dropped off at the Amory Vet clinic to be put to sleep.  Since Curly was part Chow no one wanted to adopt him.  The vet thought he was one of the nicest dogs she had ever met and she could not bear to put him to sleep.  She called Cedarhill and Kay had him neutered and brought him to live at Cedarhill for the remainder of his life.

Darla – Female Cocker Spaniel – 1995

Kay answered an ad in the paper for a cocker spaniel.  Whe she arrived at the house she found Darla was a puppy chained under the trailer with 3 other very large dogs.  Darla was always having to fight for her food and was in very poor health.  Darla has never been stable since her ordeal under the trailer.  She can not be trusted or trained.  She now lives happily at Cedarhill without having to fight for her food.

Dixie – Female 2002

A staff member found her under a culvert.  She was only 8-10 weeks old and no one thought she was going to live.  Kay raised her in her backyard until she was caught killing fish in the backyard fish pond.  She got moved in with Norman and Pepper.  Today she is very happy and healthy living with several other dogs.

Donna – Female mix – 2001

Donna was found by a friend who was going into town for a meeting.  She saw something black cross in front of her on a busy highway.  She turned around to see what it was and found it was a tiny black puppy.  She rescued the puppy and brought it to Cedarhill.  She is very hyper and tends to have to herd everything.  She has a hard time living with other dogs without beating them up.

Hannah – Female mix – 2001

She was dumped off at the front gate of Cedarhill. She could not have been dumped at a better place.

Igby – Female 2002

Kay received a call about a dog on the banks of the Tombigbee river.  She was given a description of the dog and the location.  When Kay arrived at the site she could not find a dog that fit the description she was given.  She looked up and saw a dog floating in the water trying to fight the current.  Igby had given up and was almost dead.  She only weighed about 12-14 pounds, covered in fleas and ticks.  It took about 6 months before she could be put in with any other dogs, because she was so emanciated.  Today she is a healthy, happy dog residing at Cedarhill.

Jimmy – Male

Abbey’s friend and foe who kept getting loose and coming to Cedarhill.  Jimmy was adopted by Cedarhill at the same time Abbey was adopted.  Abbey and Jimmy share the same fenced in area and no longer breaks loose.

Norman – Male Great Pyrenneas – 2001

He belonged to a local woman who had purchased him.  She didn’t want him any more because he followed her everywhere she went and dug in her flower bed.  She was going to have him put to sleep.  To save him from a certain death Cedarhill brought him here to live.  Today he is very happy and such a great dog to be around.

Pebbles – 2005

She was found running loose in the New Hope area.  The dog caretaker for Cedarhill found her and rescued her.  When the caretaker left Cedarhill she took Pepples with her.  Later Pebbles was found again running the streets loose.  She was brought back to Cedarhill to live permanently

Rocco – Male shephard/mix – 2003

He belonged to a neighbor.  He kept breaking out of his pen and coming to Cedarhill.  Finally one of the staff members went to his owners and asked if they wanted to keep the dog.  They said no, they didn’t care if he got hit by a car.  So Cedarhill took him in to live the remainder of his life here.  Now that is what I call a smart dog!

Rose – Female mix – 2000

She was in a pen at the local Humane Society.  Kay was there to adopt a cat and saw her sitting in her pen.  Her two weeks was up and she was going to be euthanized.  No one adopted because she was cross-eyed.  So, Kay brought her home to live with the other dogs at Cedarhill.

Sam – Male Bassett hound/retriever mix – 2006

He was found in Noxubee at a 4 corner intersection with his food bowl.  He was just left for someone to find him.  Cedarhill was called and agreed to bring him to the sanctuary to live.

Sandi – Male mix – 1999

The Humane Society found him in a ditch, he was in the catch pen when Kay saw him.  They were going to take him to the Humane Society to euthanize him.  Kay said she would pay for his medical needs and wanted him to come to Cedarhill.

Scout – Female mix – 2004

Found in Alabama in the middle of the road, it appeared to have been a hit and run.  Kay picked her up and took her to the Vets office in Amory.  Scout could not move her back legs, but test did not show any broken bones.  The Vet wanted to put her down, but Kay refused.  Kay found a vet in Jackson that used acupuncture.  Scout had several treatments and finally recovered the use of her legs.  From all accounts Scout had been severely abused by her owner.

Stanley – Male mix – 2002

He found by a staff member on Stanley road in Caledonia.  He had been starved and beaten.

Toula – Female mix – 2002-2008

Found in a culvert with two other feral dogs.  She was brought to Cedarhill and lived in the house with the head caretaker.  It took 6 months before anyone could get near her.  The head caretaker adopted her out to an older couple.  The first night Toula broke her front leg.  The couple brought her back to Cedarhill.   She went to the Rainbow Bridge August – 2008

Venus – Female Airedale – 2006

The local Humane Shelter found two Airedales running loose, they were able to catch one.  She had never had a haircut, nails had not been clipped, and she did not have a collar.  She had also been sprayed by skunk.  Kay talked the shelter into sending her to a groomer to clip her and clean her up.  After the groomer Cedarhill brought her here to live.

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