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Whipped…Abandoned in freezing weather… Locked in a room without fresh air or sunshine… Chains wrapped around growing necks

Gunther – Rhodesian Black Male Lion 1989- Present

Gunther – Rhodesian Black Male Lion 1989- Present – Our oldest lion, Gunther was born in January 1989. He was sold at 6 weeks of age for $600.

He was sold again when he was four months old, as he was too destructive.

His last owner used him to draw attention to his roadside business in Mississippi.

He was kept in a milk truck, and people who stopped to see him were rewarded with a roar when he was poked with a shovel handle to anger him.

He came to the sanctuary declawed on all four paws.

Gunther knows he is the king of the beasts, and enjoys sitting on his deck while regally observing his “subjects”, namely the other lions, and us.

He occasionally allows himself to show a little tenderness for his lovely neighbors,Sheraand Savannah.

Bernard Rodriguez

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