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Whipped…Abandoned in freezing weather… Locked in a room without fresh air or sunshine… Chains wrapped around growing necks

Friday – Lioness 1991- Present

Friday – Lioness 1991- Present – Friday was born in captivity in July, 1991.

She was taken to a veterinarian in Lawrence, Kansas at 4 months of age, in a coma, weighing less than 7 lbs, and hairless with multiple abrasions around her head.

She had been fed nothing but goats milk (and little of that), and her other two siblings had already starved to death.

It took 3 months for the veterinarian to nurse her back to health, at which point she was sent to Cedarhill.

16 years later, Friday is still thriving.

Although eating is her favorite part of the day, she also loves playing with her toys and teasing her neighbor Valentino, who is madly in love with her.

Bernard Rodriguez

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