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Whipped…Abandoned in freezing weather… Locked in a room without fresh air or sunshine… Chains wrapped around growing necks

Caesar – Male Cougar 1991-2008

Caesar – Male Cougar 1991-2008 – Born in Huntsville, Alabama in December 1991, Caesar had suffered a horrible cubhood.

When Caesar’s owner was jailed for DUI, wewere called in to rescue him.

When we found him, he had been tied up in a small burned-out, boarded-up closet with no sunshine or ventilation for four ½ months.

For food he was thrown two dead chickens a week, and he lived in his own excrement as no one ever cleaned out his closet.

His sister had already met her untimely death after jumping a fence and strangling herself on the 20 foot chain she was tied to.

Caesar has been with us since August 1992, and in the following 15 years we’ve done all we can to erase all memories of his first year on earth.

Like his neighbor Tiffany, he is getting along in years, and has similar ailments.

Nonetheless, he is at peace, and knows he is loved.

Bernard Rodriguez

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